IBEW Local 769
Gilbert Arizona
Mark Cunningham - Business Manager / Financial Secretary
  • Call: Paycheck Fairness Act
    March 14th - 6:14pm
  • International Women’s Day
    March 10th - 7:34pm
  • 2023 Women Labor Leaders
    March 7th - 3:38pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Desirae Beatty
    February 28th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: E. Faye Butler
    February 27th - 3:00pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Dewanda Mitchell
    February 26th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Derrick McDonald II
    February 25th - 3:01pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Linda Hunt
    February 24th - 3:15pm
  • Black History Month Profiles: Clint Brown
    February 24th - 3:01pm
  • Service & Solidarity Spotlight: YouTube Music Strike Reaches Day 14; Alphabet Workers Stand Strong
    February 24th - 2:30pm
  • Union Meeting Apr 2, 2023
  • OSHA 10 ET&D Apr 21, 2023
  • OSHA 10 ET&D Apr 22, 2023
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T&D Today and Tomorrow

The NECA/IBEW team is well prepared to handle all of Arizona's transmission and distribution needs.


We Power Arizona

769 is the go-to location for employers when outside power requirements need to be met.  Our members are trained to a high standard and conduct business in a professionally efficient, thorough, and safe manner.  We uphold the high standards of the IBEW’s Code of Excellence to ensure that our signatory contractors are successful and achieve significant bottom-line advantages for the future of their business.


The NECA/IBEW team is well prepared to handle all of Arizona’s transmission and distribution needs. The team brings the skills required to confidently install the lines that move power from plants to factories, businesses, and homes nationwide. Each member pursues this critical work with the knowledge that only comes from years of training and experience.

Whether building new lines, rebuilding existing ones or providing immediate restoration assistance in times of disaster, the work of the NECA/IBEW team is meticulously completed safely and efficiently. Their work becomes even more crucial as the demand for electricity steadily grows, as an aging infrastructure needs rebuilding and as renewable power generation sources, such as wind and solar, grow, requiring a greater transmission and distribution investment. The NECA/IBEW team assures you that the investment is well spent.

Southwestern Line Constructors

The Southwestern Line Constructors Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program was created to provide quality apprenticeship and training programs for the Outside Electrical Construction Industry. Our focus is clear and unwavering: we are committed to producing the industry's finest craftsmen and have met employers training needs for nearly a half century. This program covers the states of Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

We are an independent training agency operating under the auspices on the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. Our national and international affiliations insure consistent training and credentials that are recognized universally. Our program is registered with, and monitored by, the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.


Business Manager/Financial Secretary

Marshall Chambers
Assistant Business Manager

Ron Thweatt
Assistant Business Manager

Jeremy Fletchall

Jarryd Gauman
Vice President

Curtis Sutter

Bob Larive
Executive Board Member

Jason Rice
Executive Board Member

Justine Ponikvar
Executive Board Member

Bob Carrillo
Executive Board Member

Angel Sanchez
Executive Board Member

Coy Schumacher
Executive Board Member

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